Wow, I’m a really poor blogger.  So here’s the deal:  I will post something every week, even if it is just a few sentences.

Today’s post is about immersion, and wanting your art to say something, to convey emotion and meaning.  I’ve read some recent interviews with Bradley Cooper about his experience in writing, directing and co-starring in the latest remake of “A Star is Born.”  I loved the movie btw.  But what is sticking with me is hearing about the process – he was committed to authenticity and creating a story that felt seamless.  He learned to play guitar and piano and play them like a pro.  He worked on his singing and speaking voice until it matched what was in his mind’s eye and it felt right for his character.  He allowed Lady Gaga’s naturalness and her personal experiences to shine through with an aching vulnerability wrapped in steel. This made me think of all the preparation that goes into creating good art of any kind. How what shows up isn’t just a product of fairy glitter and unicorn dust: it’s hard work, commitment and self belief. It digs into the dark corners and brings stuff to the surface no one wants to see, let alone you. Good art is compelling because it speaks and has something to say. It all comes around to the importance of having something to say and being brave enough and raw enough to say it, and know that someone will want to hear it, that it will resonate and touch someone’s heart. People are still drawn to what feels real, even in a world where so much artifice masquerades as truth.