Photo by Micah Mackenzie


Solo Show | The Festival Gallery, Valley Arts Center | Waitsfield, VT | SEPT-DEC 2018

Group Show | “Food!” | Adler Gallery at Posana Restaurant | Asheville, NC | JUNE-OCT 2018

Group Show | “Trigger Warning” | YMI Cultural Center, Asheville, NC | JUNE 2108

Group Show | Artfields Juried Exhibition | Lake City SC | APRIL 2018

“It Takes Three to Tango” featured painting in Fall Calendar, Carolina Home + Garden, Fall 2017

Group Show | Asheville Area Arts Council| “Man & Nature: Pathways to Renewal” AUG-SEPT 2017

Solo Show  |  London District Studios, Asheville, NC  |  SEPT – OCT 2016

“A Taste of Asheville”  |  5 Artist Event by Invitation of Omni Grove Park Inn  |  AUG 2016 & JULY 2017

Moonlit Art Market  |  by Invitation of Burial Beer Brewery, Asheville, NC   |  JUN 2016

Inspirations  |  Group Show Riverside Studios Asheville, NC  |  MAY – JUN 2016

Solo Show  |  Ananda West Salon, Asheville, NC   |  MAR -MAY 2016

Solo Show  |  Weizenblatt Gallery, Mars Hill University, Mars Hill, NC  |  JAN -FEB 2016

small works  |  Group Show Riverside Studios,  Asheville, NC  |  DEC 2015

Summer Blues  |  Group Show Riverside Studios, Asheville NC  |  JUL -AUG 2015

Artist of the Month  |  Solo Show, Metro Wines, Asheville NC  |  JUN 2014

Member  |  River Arts District Artists, Asheville, NC  |  2013 – PRESENT


The Hoenings, Brunswick, ME
Scott Brun, Orlando, FL
R. Button, Morocco
H. Hanson, San Francisco, CA
S. Comee, Japan
T. Thompson, Austin, TX

Hilton Garden Inn, Asheville, NC

WAITING FOR THE INVITATION | Deanna Chilian, a Painter

by Brook Van der Linde

There is a lushness to it all. The River Arts studio, an old denim factory—its hardwood floors worn smooth and uneven. The windows and high ceilings, also old and imperfect, allow for a flood of natural light. As you enter, you find her—back left, among works completed and works in progress. Music plays; song selection an art unto itself. Influenced by years of movement instruction and performance, her approach to the canvas has a dance-like quality. She creates compositions that are not simply guided by sound, but are actually infused with rhythm and the pigment of each note.

Aligned are a series of brushes, fresh after a night of turpentine bathing. Her pallet, fearless and confident, displays an innate sense of color, value and composition. There is a brief meditation, hands on the canvas, and then the artist steps out of her own way—creating the opportunity for work that is not only stunning, but also direct and honest.

Deanna Chilian was born in New Jersey, eventually migrating West for many years, then settling in the mountains of southern Appalachia.  Although her path has led her through the practice of law and a career teaching pilates and Gyrotonic®, her passion for painting has remained steady and evolving. Deanna draws inspiration from early O’Keeffe, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorn, and Matisse. She loves the work of Brian Rutenberg and Wolf Kahn. Her art education has been through mentorship. She studies and workshops with Catherine Chang-Liu, Gwen Fox, and Skip Lawrence.

Deanna is not here to play it safe. In response to these dynamic times in which we are living, Deanna’s abstract expressions provide a vocabulary large enough for what we are feeling collectively. Her work digs towards the essence, the point, the underbelly of our world. It is seductive and abrupt. It is daring and innocent. It is an invitation—to stand before it, and be with it. Ultimately, to be moved.