About Commissions

A commission is the creation of a piece of art specifically for you at your request. This is what distinguishes this kind of work from work that an artist produces solely in response to her own intention, inspiration or call for expression. Sometimes people will find that they resonate with what an artist is doing, but aren’t seeing an already produced artwork that will meet their requirements for their home, office, or business. This can be a great opportunity for us to work together to create something special.


COMMISSION: I Make My Own Bones 2021 - Oil, cold wax, mixed media on canvas, 34 x 52 in

I have done quite a few commissions over the last several years and have found it to be an enriching experience for both me and the client. I think this is partly due to having a written commission agreement that we review together before signing. Among the terms covered by the agreement are the size of the painting, an estimated completion date that allows for drying time, the cost for creating the piece, deposit amount, shipping, and extra design services like framing.


COMMISSION: My Favorite Things 2022 - Oil, oil stick on canvas, 54 x 68 in

Another element that I believe leads to a successful outcome is the communication we have prior to me beginning work on the piece. If you are within driving distance, I am happy to come to your home to discuss colors, textures and other more visceral components of the piece. I have also worked with clients via Skype or emailing photos. For most commissions what I have found works the best is clarity up front and freedom during the creation process. I may send along progress photos with the caveat that they are just that, as opposed to an invitation for editorial input, a photo as I feel I am close to completion, and a final photo for your approval. If you aren’t happy with the piece, I will apply the deposit toward creating a second commission or toward purchase of work in my inventory. If a client feels like they would be more comfortable with having greater input into the process we can discuss how this could be implemented.

COMMISSION: Don't Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen 2020 - Oil, mixed media on canvas, 72 x 48 in