I promised myself I’d become a good blogger and, … well not so much. So let me sum up, … in April I moved my studio in the River Arts District to The Pink Dog Creative on Depot Street. You can’t miss it – it’s s colorful building right across the street from two shipping containers painted with the phrase, “Beware of the Dog.”

That’s Finn, my Aussie, trying to be all thug life.

I’m sharing the studio space with my good friend Julie Miles juliemilesart.com.

I am in and out of the Pink Dog studio most days, working in my home studio too. I’m working on two series of paintings right now. One is looking at the interconnectedness of humans and the environment, which is the subject of a group show I’ll be participating in with 6 other Asheville-based artists. The other is diaspora or the scattering of people who leave behind their homeland or place of origin. More posts to follow as I develop these themes.