I believe that making art requires a certain degree of risk, trust, and the courage to surrender, as does any relationship worth having. A chef friend of mine once observed there’s a difference between slicing garlic neatly which allows for the juice to be retained by the bulb, and smashing garlic which sends the juice out into the world to be tasted.  As an artist I would say I strive to be a smasher as my response to the surface is organic, emotional, and visceral in nature. I am guided by the power and vastness of the landscape in the Western US, the intricacies of organic shapes and forms intrigue me, and I enjoy allowing sound and vibration to move me as I meet the canvas or panel to communicate my response as a spirit having a human experience.  

My approach is contemplative and begins with a connection with the surface, then allowing the conversation to begin without a preconceived outcome. The relationships between color, texture and line are key elements of expression, and layering and removal play a role as I work through and resolve problems. Sometimes the result is soothing and dreamlike with a sense of being between the worlds, sometimes it is dynamic and fragmented creating a tension that demands attention. 

Ultimately I fall back upon this quote from David Bowie: “Talking about art is like dancing about architecture”. Both are fine activities and may contribute something meaningful by providing a narrative and a context for seeing and being with the artwork. Yet my intention is for the art itself to be the point of entry that sparks personal discovery. 

I hope you enjoy your virtual studio visit, and thank you for stopping by.  Please note that the artwork is for sale unless otherwise marked, that I do have other work available, and I’m happy to discuss commission of a painting specially created for you.