I believe that making art requires a certain degree of risk, trust, and the courage to surrender, as does any relationship worth having. I consider myself an abstract composer of color. My most successful and enjoyable moments as a painter happen when I literally lose time and am “in” the Painting Zone. My hope is that people who view my work might allow it to take them to a similar place within themselves; contemplative but not complacent, open-hearted and given to exploration.

I often draw my imagery from nature, reflecting on my time spent outdoors in the power and vastness of the Rocky Mountain West and walking the wet forests of Western North Carolina.  My way of seeing is also influenced by years of teaching movement (pilates and GYROTONIC®), in that my kinesthetic sense translates into an ability to interpret energy in a painting.  The backdrop for most of my work is a soundscape: music and sound call to my unconscious and elicit a response from a place most fluent in visual language.

I hope you enjoy your virtual studio visit, and thank you for stopping by.  Please note that the artwork is for sale unless otherwise marked, that I do have other work available, and I’m happy to discuss commission of a painting specially created for you.


A Star is Born

Wow, I’m a really poor blogger.  So here’s the deal:  I will post something every week, even if it is just a few sentences.Today’s post is about immersion, and wanting your art to say something, to convey emotion and meaning.  I’ve…

Whoops! I did it again.

I promised myself I’d become a good blogger and, ... well not so much. So let me sum up, ... in April I moved my studio in the River Arts District to The Pink Dog Creative on Depot Street. You can’t miss it – it’s s colorful building…