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A Star is Born

Wow, I’m a really poor blogger.  So here’s the deal:  I will post something every week, even if it is just a few sentences. Today’s post is about immersion, and wanting your art to say something, to convey emotion and meaning.  I’ve read some recent interviews with Bradley Cooper about his experience in writing, directing […]

Whoops! I did it again.

I promised myself I’d become a good blogger and, … well not so much. So let me sum up, … in April I moved my studio in the River Arts District to The Pink Dog Creative on Depot Street. You can’t miss it – it’s s colorful building right across the street from two shipping containers painted […]


“The Place that Cradled Me is Burning”, a 48″x72″ Oil/Ink painting, is on display in the lobby of the new Hilton Garden Inn at the corner of College and Charlotte Streets in downtown Asheville. The painting is my tribute to all of the people impacted by the Pulse nightclub tragedy.  Originally intended to be displayed […]