“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway


What if I embraced brokenness, or “things going wrong” as being a part of life’s beauty, an invitation to stretch myself beyond my expectations of what is desirable or “right”? Rather than discarding what is imperfect, or hiding from the parts of myself I tiptoe around, what if I were to accept or even love them?   The Japanese art of kintsugi elevates the value of brokenness.  The story dates to the 15th century when a shogun ordered his artisans to repair a priceless vase that had been broken in transit.  Their elegant solution was to weave the broken pieces together with a golden lacquer, thereby making the vase not only stronger, but more beautiful.  In my life, how might self-acceptance and celebration take the place of gold lacquer?

In this show I aim to explore how brokenness and loss have been integral parts of my personal journey. Where have I walked the path of the wounded healer, or had the experience of being broken open so as to awaken to a deeper connection to myself, to others, to the Divine? Broken relationships and friendships, broken body, an unmet longing for sanctuary or home, loss of a parent, a job, a pet – there is no life in which we escape the experience of feeling broken, so perhaps the wisdom lies in mining it for all it is worth, and loving who and what emerges in its wake.